Moment Stats Installation Instructions For WHM/cPanel Servers

Updated 7/01/2020

Installation Instructions

You must login as the root user to install Moment Stats. Enter the 4 commands below into the server's terminal to download and install Moment Stats.


wget -q -O ./install_momentstats.tar.gz


tar xvzf install_momentstats.tar.gz -C ./


chmod a+x ./install_momentstats



After Moment Stats is installed, you can delete the installation files with these 2 commands:


rm ./install_momentstats


rm ./install_momentstats.tar.gz

Additional Information

Moment Stats uses the ionCube Loader. To enable it, just go into WHM under "Server Configuration" -> "Tweak Settings" -> "PHP" and check the box that says "ioncube".

You may also want to increase the "max execution time" setting on that page. 1800 seconds is a good baseline, although the stats shouldn't need that much time to run on most web sites.

Under plugins in WHM, you should see a page with the server-wide Moment Stats settings. If participating in our Web Host Partner Program, enter your affiliate ID from to earn commissions when your clients purchase Moment Stats Pro from inside their cPanel account on your server. Note that this is optional, and not required for your clients to use Moment Stats or Moment Stats Pro.

You can also set the default and max log entries that will be stored by Moment Stats before older stats are automatically deleted. For reference, 1,000,000 entries should use around 450MB of disk space. The stats are stored in each user's home directory, so it will be counted in their quota if someone wants to store a lot of logs. Moment Stats is opt-in so it will only store stats for users who activate the software. There's also a checkbox in WHM's Feature Manager if you want to disable Moment Stats on some hosting packages.

Finally, there is an option to increase the PHP memory limit in Moment Stats, since this setting isn't easily accessible elsewhere in WHM. If the stats are not updating properly, this memory limit or the "max execution time" mentioned earlier likely needs to be increased. The most resource-intensive update will be the first time an account runs Moment Stats. After that, Moment Stats will only process new log entries that have been added since the last update.

Licensing Terms

Moment Stats is free to install on WHM/cPanel Servers provided that you agree to the following terms: The usage of the Moment Stats software is governed by an End-User Agreement between the owner of Moment Stats and the end-user of each cPanel hosting account. Hosting providers may install Moment Stats so the software is available to their customers, but they may not activate the software for sites they do not own or accept the End-User Agreement on behalf of their customers. Hosting providers may not purchase any premium features of the Moment Stats software with the intent of reselling or distributing those features to their customers without permission from Moment Stats.

This software was created with the intent that it will be useful and accurate, but neither Moment Stats or any of its owners, developers, or affiliates are responsible for any defects, errors, or others issues contained within or caused by the software. Moment Stats has no responsibility for any decisions made based on the information provided by the software. Under no circumstances will Moment Stats be financially liable for any damages beyond the purchase price of the software.